British Nutrition Casein 2.2 lb Chocolate

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Feature : Provides nutritional support to muscles for long

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Product Description

British Nutrition Casein 2.2 lb Chocolate buy online India

Casein, known as a sustained release protein provides nutritional support to your muscles for long hours. British Nutritions Casein is a slow-digesting protein that works on your muscles for long eight hours,thus providing with essential nourishment to your muscles. This makes it suitable to be taken while you are asleep and reduce the risk of muscle breakdown. Enriched with essential amount of BCAA's and glutamine, this supplement maintains the metabolism of your body even while you are asleep.

This supports muscle growth and prevents muscle loss. Intake of casein maintains healthy immune function that enables your body to fight various infections and bacteria naturally. A rich source of arginine, this supplement increases the release of growth hormone that further enhances muscle growth and development. After strenuous workouts, your muscles tend to breakdown. Casein supplement reduce muscle loss by helping you maintain your hard-earned muscles. So, try British Nutritions Casein for the overall development of your muscles.

British Nutrition Casein Details

There are many different types of caseins and each one has various amino acids present in it. Due to the phosphate in casein, we can find the development of calcium phosphate cells in body. This helps to builds strength in teeth and bones. British Nutrition Casein helps to treat calcium deficiency in the system. This calcium supplement has all the essential vitamins that are required for building strong and healthy body. Calcium phosphate reduces the risk of parathyroid gland and other muscle diseases. It enables in strengthening of nervous system, muscles, teeth and bones. British Nutrition Casein has vitamin D3 content which helps the body to effectively absorb all nutrients and proteins. Throughout our lives we need to maintain healthy and strong body in order to carry out our day to day activities more efficiently.

It replaces the benefits derived from performing physical exercises and nutritious diet. This works like a perfect natural medicine as it cures and prevents various dangerous diseases in your body.British Nutrition Caseinis an appropriate substitute for those looking to include an ample amount of proteins, nutrients and vitamins in their daily diet. You can see the positive effects of this product on your body in very less time. It is very important to stay physically and mentally healthy if we desire to lead a joyful and healthy life. British Nutrition Casein has plethora of benefits in our daily lives like helps in achieving our goals, fighting against chronic diseases, performing regular duties and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As the health improves, we automatically find ourselves progressing economically and generate positive outcomes in all spheres of life. Therefore maintaining good health is regarded as the best way to achieve success and growth in our day to day lives.  

Casein micelles is spherical in nature and moves liberally around micelle. British Nutrition Casein does not lose functional and nutrients properties for long because of its less sensitivity to heat and extreme weather conditions. It is in in quality and is therefore the most ideal product for everyone. Casein is the most important protein and is mixed with phosphorous and calcium to form molecular structures called micelles. This is known as a highly nutritious protein because of the presence of all essential amino acids which are essential for the proper growth and development of the body. Each casein has different chemical properties based on the type of amino acid. Casein products are formed from skimmed milk which is separated during the manufacture of dairy products. The various kinds of caseins that are manufactured in the market are lactic, hydrochloric and sulphuric acid caseins. The chemical compositions, amino acids and properties of each casein is different and vary from each other. The calcium ion found in the dairy products are simply made available to you in British Nutrition Casein. You can easily take advantage of this richly designed product and enjoy unlimited health benefits in almost no time. We offer plenty heath related benefits to consumers with the help of this nutritious supplement.

Casein is the most important of all proteins that are present in cow’s milk. This protein brings 80% of protein which eases the process of digestion and development of muscles in our system. It offers accurate amount of amino acids that are required for the growth and development of the body. It slowly and gradually breaks down the protein and remains in our body for a longer duration. British Nutrition Casein helps in losing excess fat and building muscle mass. Casein has numerous other benefits on health like improves the body composition, helps in gaining strength, easily recovers muscles and enables increased protein synthesis. It supplies enough vitamin D, calcium and potassium into the system which helps in overall growth and development. When similar proteins like casein group together they build a molecular composition called casein micelle. British Nutrition Casein is composed of all important nutrients that are essential for young people, athletes and body builders. Casein is found in milk, butter, curd, cream, soy, ice cream, yogurt and other dairy products.  All these rich sources of protein are available in our single product British Nutrition Casein.

British Nutrition Casein has 24g of purest proteins, less carbohydrates and almost no fat. All these in the form of a protein powder is an added advantage as it easily mixes up with all kinds of liquids, shake, milk etc. It is easily consumable and is highly desired by many people due its extraordinary features and unparalleled properties. It also provides all important amino acids which are essential for building new and strong muscles. Due to its extremely distinguished qualities and rich protein content, British Nutrition Casein is recommended for everyone and especially for those in the sports category.


British Nutrition Casein is considered as a perfect substitute for your protein meal and nutritious diet. We have continuously been recording the positive effects of this product. It has brought about a pool of difference in the lives of people, making them feel more energetic and healthy. You can be a part of all this and enjoy all these benefits and more by using this ultimate measure. Beyond its exceptional properties, it is preferred more by people because of its delicious taste. It is made available to you in different flavors to match your requirements and suit your taste buds. One should make use of these enormous gains offered to you in one single supplement.

British Nutrition Casein is anti-catabolic, gradually digests and breaks down casein into amino acids particles in your body. It is different from other basic protein powders because of its other contents like micellar casein, calcium caseinate, sucralose etc. Taking into account the individual needs and importance of healthy diet, this product has been designed. Health care professionals suggest and advise British Nutrition Casein for everyone in daily use. For best and long lasting results, it should be consumed on a day to day basis. It is the best among all protein supplements available in the market.

British Nutrition Casein enhances our immune system and improves bodily functions which are essential to fight against chronic diseases and bacteria. This protein supplement helps in losing weight, burning fat, increasing height and gaining muscles. You can easily and quickly bulk up your biceps by consuming British Nutrition Casein. Due to the presence of high quality protein, the body automatically gains strength and muscle mass. This protein building supplement reduces carbs and produces more energy in the system. It helps muscle builders develop and maintain healthy muscles for a longer time. British Nutrition Casein contains varieties of amino acids which are useful in creating protein molecules, formation of tissues, repairing muscles and supplying oxygen in your RBC. You can acquire the same benefits that you received from your regular workout and exercises by simply consuming British Nutrition Casein. This product is easily made available to you on our website. You are just few clicks away, place your order now and receive quick delivery. We are looking forward to help and benefit people through this protein supplement. It will fulfill all your dietary needs and requirements. Keep away from the reach of small children.


We will look at some key factors that will help us understand the importance of casein. Casein is helpful in many ways such as enables muscle retention, reduces fat, improves colon health and has high protein content. So whenever you buy a protein supplement, make sure you include casein powder too. It is very important for maintaining good health and proper bodily conditions. Avoid casein in your diet is a great loss and one cannot afford to include British Nutrition Casein in their lives. You might opt for many protein powders but don’t miss out to add this one. You can feel satiated by using British Nutrition Casein and at the same time become strong. We can find this significant nutrient in milk and related dairy products. It increases protein anabolism which helps you remain fit, cures you of many diseases, keeps you healthy and prevents from any further losses in your body.

You can optimize your overall health simply by consumption of British Nutrition Casein. This important body building supplement can bring unexpected outcomes and positive experience. You can improve your effectiveness at work and bring a lot of difference in your activities by choosing this perfect product. You can personally realize the need of casein by consuming this good quality protein. One of the highlights of British Nutrition Casein is that it has great amino acids in it, which are beneficial for recovery and production of BCCA. It can be taken before workout, after workout, during meals and before sleeping. The flavor is delicious and amazing which makes it even more enjoyable. It enables in speedy growth of muscles and immunizes your body from being effected by dangerous diseases. You can provide a great nourishment to yourself by using British Nutrition Casein. Buy and use this product without any hesitation.

British Nutrition Casein produces the greatest health benefits which result in increased productivity and overall development. We therefore recommend this body building supplement for those striving to achieve good health and a healthy body. Once our body and mind functions properly, all our activities meet perfection. You achieve your objectives and goals, you need to include British Nutrition Casein in your daily lives. This protein supplement leaves a great impact on people who consume it. It has consistently been showing positive and effective results in the lives of many.

 British Nutrition Casein infuses muscle strength and maintains your lean muscle mass. In order to see maximized effect and immediate outcomes, it should be consumed in sufficient quantity at least four times a day. It enables you to perform your physical and mental tasks in more efficient manner. The muscle synthesis process breaks down muscle tissue into your body which enables in the production of BCCA and improve your muscle mass. This instant remedy should be added in our diet without any delay. This is a one stop solution for your multiple problems. We have taken this valuable step to fulfill the growing needs and requirements of today’s generation and providing them with the best possible solution.

Strong body and healthy muscles help us execute physical activities like sports, dance, playing musical instruments, carrying heavy objects and enjoying with children in an effortless manner. We need not perform anything with strain and difficulty. British Nutrition Casein makes everything easy and hassle free in life. You can get back in shape, increase metabolism, improve stability, good sleep and reduce mental strain. Good muscles are very essential component of strong body. Proper proteins and electrolyte balance supports resistance and helps in digestion. Muscles play a very important role in human body.

British Nutrition Casein is every weight trainer’s diet as it enables them achieve their targeted goals. Keeping the consumption consistent will help you see the magnified effect on your body. It has a very crucial role in maintaining a good diet and proper functioning of the system. This high quality protein has absorption benefits, helps in muscles retention and improves colon health. Such a rare product should be utilized and taken full advantage of. After knowing about the exceptional uses of British Nutrition Casein, there cannot be anyone who would not want to buy this product.

Finally your long wait has come to an end. Make use of this unique and unparalleled protein powder. You would have never found this kind of a supplement until now. Begin a new life, enter new challenges and accept opportunities by remaining fit and fine. This is something people would have ever dreamed of. You can now achieve all your goals and targets which previously would have looked impossible without a strong body. We have taken all safety measures to design this product and thus you can feel safe and secured while using it. You can remain hale and healthy by including this highly nutritious product in your lives. 

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Brands British-nutrition
Size 2 Lbs
Product Type Casein Powder
Feature Provides nutritional support to muscles for long

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