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Granny's Kadha (21 Natural Extract Blend) 200g

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  • 1.     Instant Kadha Ready to mix
  • 2.     Strengthens immunity Supplement.
  • 3.     Helps to fight FLU
  • 4.     Helps to relieve cold symptons.
  • 5.     Helps to relieve sore Throat and congestion.
  • 6.     Helps in improves Digestion.

Fight  With Cold, Flu and Infections With This Ayurvedic Wonder :

The best ready kadha with all Ayurvedic herbs.

You can strengthen it with the help of this herbal kadha which has a mix of several Ayurvedic herbs like : Black pepper, Tusli, Alma, Giloy, Dry Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Liquorice, Ashwagdha..

100% Pure Veg.

No Artifical Colours.

Non added flavour.

No Preservatives

100% Gluten Free

Monsoons are here and while most of us are enjoying the respite in temperatures, changing weather conditions could mean a dip in our immunity levels. Moreover, the humidity in the air is known to adversely affect metabolism, slow down digestion and cause problems like constipation or diarrhoea. Kadha is an Ayurvedic home remedy that could protect you, make you stronger from within and also help in fighting seasonal infections. Kadha or 'karha' is essentially an Ayurvedic drink made with a number of herbs and spices that are boiled usually in water to extract their benefits. With a variety of whole spices, ingredients and herbs easily found in an Indian household, the decoction is the most inexpensive home remedy to strengthen your immunity and fight infections.

Direction of Use:

Take 3.75g (1 Teaspoonful) of powder and mix in 100ml of extremely hot water. Filter and drink (OR) May boil  for 3-5 minutes. Filter and Drink.

Twice a day for adults. Once in a day for children of age 6-12

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Size 1 Lbs
Product Type Instant Kadha
Feature For better immune system naturally
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