Health Aid Conergy 30Caps

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Health Aid Coq 10 Is An Antioxidant Whichmeans That It Fights Free Radicals Which Are The Main Trigger Of Ageing. Byfighting Free Radicals You Give Your Body Immune Support And The Means To Fightinflammatory Illnesses Such As Heart Disease And Diabetes. Health Aid Coq 10May Also Act To Prevent Migraines. Coenzyme Q10 (Coq10), Also Known As Ubiquinone, Isfound In Every Living Cells And Is Critical For The Release Of Energy Fromfood. In Some People, This Function Is Impaired Making Them Feel Weak Andtired, Irrespective Of Their Healthy Diet. It Has Powerful Antioxidentproperties And Is Essential For Good Health. As We Age, The Ability Tosynthesise Sufficient Amounts Of Coq10 Decreases, Making It Highly Recommendedas We Get On In Life. Healthaid'S Coq10 Is Dissolved In Soyabean Oil,Which Optimises Its Absorption And Utilisation By The Body Cells And Helps Torelease Natural Energy From Within. A Supplement Recommended To People Who Lead A Busy And Stressful Lifestyle,Athletes And High-Energy Workers. An Extra High Amount Of Co-Q-10, Suspended Inoil And Enscapulated In A Soft Gelatine Capsule For Purity And Potency. Gentleon The Stomach. From the Manufacturer What are Conergy Co-Q-10 30mg Capsules? Conergy is Coenzyme Q10 (Co-Q-10) Capsules, also called Ubiquinone, is found in the mitochondria of all living cells and is concerned with the biochemistry of converting food energy into cellular energy. In certain people it is difficult for the body to manufacturer adequate amounts of Co-Q-10 or extract it from food. So, in spite of a healthy diet they constantly feel week, tired and run down. Due to its unique properties, Co-Q-10 is also beneficial for the heart and immune system. Conergy Capsules is specially formulated by dissolving Co-Q-10 in Soya Oil. This process optimises absorption and utilisation by the body cells and helps release natural energy from within. Therefore Co-Q-10 Capsules can be used to help: Generate energy and endurance by rejuvenating cellular mitochondria. Protecting against heart disease and related problems. Protect cells against oxidative damage through a powerful antioxidant action, offering nutritional support for improved immune response. Control hypertension and blood pressure disorders. Reduce damage due to hypoxic injury (tissue damage by lack of oxygen). Conergy Co-Q-10 30mg Capsules may be of benefit to: People leading busy stressful lives Those who are diabetic or have hypertension People using cholesterol lowering drugs Those suffering from low energy levels due to cardiovascular disease People who want to improve athletic performance When should I take Conergy Co-Q-10 30mg Capsules? Conergy Co-Q-10 30mg Capsules can be taken daily to help increased energy levels, to help fight gum disease or to help those with symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

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