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HealthAid Royal 3 30Capsules is the most effective result oriented powerfull Protein blends brought to you by Vitamin Berry Royal 3 Capsules (Royal Jelly + E.P.O. + Korean Ginseng) -HealthAid What Are Royal 3 Capsules? Royal 3 Capsules are a unique formulation of three natural ingredients: Evening Primrose Oil, a rich source of Gamma Linolenic Acid(GLA), converted in the body to prostaglandins, important for blood circulation, metabolism, reproduction, cell growth and support immune functions; Royal Jelly, the royal food for the queen bee; contains essential amino acid, together with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that help the body's metabolic functions and Korean Ginseng; the mystical herb known worldwide for its properties of giving strength, vigour, drive and vitality. What Are Royal 3 Capsules For? May help eradicate a swollen abdomen and help reduce breast discomfort May help reduce irritability and mood swings May help maintain cholesterol level in the blood and improve blood circulation EPO may help to restore the oils back into the skin and provide nourishment to the skin cells. May help to maintain healthy cholesterol level and blood pressure. May help improve immune function May help balance the hormones Helps maintain healthy looking skin Maintains sexual health Helps maintain healthy energy levels Who Are Royal 3 Capsules For? Royal 3 Capsules may be of benefit to; Women who suffer from Pre-Menstrual Tension (PMT) Women going through the menopause People with eczema and skin disorders Those who wish to maintain healthy joints Those with digestive disturbances ?itaminberry persue world class products to cater your requirements on your fingertips. ?B India Banega Healthy.

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