Hip &Thigh Formula Tablets

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Hip &Thigh Formula Tablets - HealthAid Is the most effective result oriented powerful Casein brought you by Vitamin Berry What are Hip &Thigh Formula Tablets? A synergistic blend of well balanced herbs, selectively chosen and mixed to provide maximum effect. Rich in natural detoxifying herbs that aid in the removal of toxins from the body, improve circulation and reduce the chance of cellulite formation; powerful antioxidants (Quercetin & Rose Hips), Guarana and Lecithin. What are Hip &Thigh Formula Tablets for? Maximising the intake of antioxidants is an important part of any anti-cellulite program. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Green Tea, Grape Seed, and Mixed Berries are all powerful antioxidants which help protect the body against the accumulation of free radical toxins which are known to be responsible for cellulite formation. Juniper Berry and Parsley are both natural diuretics which help detoxify the body, reduce water retention and cellular volume, thereby minimising the appearance of cellulite. Kelp is rich in iodine and helps regulate blood sugar levels and boosts the body's metabolism for effective weight reduction. Potassium is a mineral involved in vital cellular mechanisms which helps avoid the undesirable accumulation of excess fluids. Excess fluid in the body can suppress or slow down cellular activity, impair the diffusion of nutrients and oxygen, and hinder cells from repairing and renewing themselves. Guarana Seed Extract helps induce the breakdown and release of stored body fat, thereby allowing stored fats to be turned into energy. Lecithinis a vital component of any cellulite-elimination program, as it helps repair tissues by rebuilding cell walls, ensuring all the body organs are fully hydrated and functioning at optimum levels, and helps break down fats. Gingko Biloba is well known for its ability to improve blood circulation, thereby reducing the chance of cellulite formation due to poor circulatory conditions. WHO ARE HIP & THIGH TABLETS FOR? Hip & Thigh Formula Tablets may benefit to : People who wish to reduce cellulite formation naturally People who wish to achieve a healthy body weight People who wish to reduce toxic accumulation in the body People who wish to improve the blood circulation and maintain healthy heart People who want to improve digestion and maintain the health of GI tract Specification TWO HIP & THIGH TABLETS CONTAIN (AVERAGE): %RDA Vitamin E (36 iu) 24mg 200 Vitamin C 160mg 200 Potassium 300mg 15 Citrus Bioflavonoids [standardised for min 85% hesperidin] 30mg * Gingko Biloba Extract 500mg * Lecithin 200mg * Juniper Berry Powder 200mg * Green Tea Extract 200mg * Parsley Extract 200mg * Guarana Extract 200mg * Grape Seed Extract(standardised for min 95% proanthocyanidis) 100mg * CayenneExtract 100mg * Kelp 100mg * Mixed Berries (containing Blackcurrent, Blackcberry and Sweet Cherry) 100mg * ?itaminberry persue world class products to cater your requirements on your fingertips. ?B India Banega Healthy.

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