Muscleblaze Mass Gainer Chocolate 1.5Kg-Chocolate

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Feature : mass gainer
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Product Description

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer is scientifically designed to give you a powerful combination of the highest quality protein and fast digesting carbohydrates for maximum impact. Mass gainer add calories without the hassle of cramming more meals into your daily schedule. Body builders and athletes have a hard time finding the right supplement to gain weight since they are particular about lean muscle gains, while avoiding fat. CARBOHYDRATES ?Carbs are generally overlooked by most fitness enthusiasts. It is extremely important to know the typed of carbs, when and how much to eat in order to have muscle gain. Coplex carbs such as those found in brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal etc., make up the bulk of your daily calorie intake and replenish glycogen stores which are essential for intense training. Carbs burn slowly giving your long lasting energy. PROTEIN ?Helps maintain a positive nitrogen balance in your body. Lack of protein in your diet leads to break down of your tissues for energy requirement. FIBER ?Fiber generally passes through the gastrointestinal system by carrying nutritional and metabolic waste with it. In the absence of fiber the body tends to partially re-absorb toxic waste. Fiber intake usually removes waste that exerts biochemical stress on your body and leads to better digestion. VITAMINS AND MINERALS ?Your muscle depend heavily on vitamins and minerals. Potassium, magnesium, calcium etc., help in easy contraction of muscle. vitamin is critical for collagen elastin, which are vital component of muscle structure. Vitamin B complex helps in proper health and functioning of muscles. Product Highlights: ?itaminberry persue world class products to cater your requirements on your fingertips. ?B India Banega Healthy.

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Brands Muscle-Blaze
Size 3 Lbs
Product Type nutrition supplement
Feature mass gainer

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