SAN I-BCAA Max, Cool Melon, 283 Grams

Type : Provide lasting energy anhancing workout capacity Size : 2 Lbs View all item details

Feature : Increase endurance and recovery

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Product Description

I BCAA max is fueled with PH controlled instantized BCAAs formulated at a precise 4:1:1 ratio of the amino acids leucine, valine and isoleucine for maximum pre and post training mtor activation as well as to fully harness the benefits of the anabolic window in post training. BCAAs are tied to muscle protein synthesis especially leucine. Recent studies show that the post workout BCAAs play the primary role in boosting muscle protein synthesis otherwise known as anabolism. So post workout BCAAs especially leucine is in fact considered, anabolic. Okay. Lets talk about this mtor activation. Mtor activation, plays a pivotal role in muscle protein synthesis and flips the switch that ultimately generates muscle growth. This occurs when athletes take a dose of I BCAA max during and after a workout. These two factors alone make I BCAA max by san stand out. But just being a little more than the marketplace standard wouldnt hold muster with sans reputation as the company athletes turn to for outstanding results. San included a healthy dose of MGG magnesium glycyl glutamine chelate in I BCAA max. This new glutamine compound was designed for maximum glutamine and magnesium absorption. MGG research conducted on endurance athletes showed reduced lactic acid build up thus enhancing workout capacity and reducing doms delayed onset muscle soreness. L glutamine in its free form is also well documented to support immunity via the intestinal lumen. Rounding out the formula, I BCAA max is fortified with patented zinc for supporting natural testosterone production. Plus, theres calcium and manganese chelates traacs for bone and ligament support. The PH armaceutical grade amino acid chelates used in I BCAA max provide complete organic mineral nutrition, giving you greater absorption of the minerals and the best biological advantage.

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Brands SAN
Size 2 Lbs
Product Type Provide lasting energy anhancing workout capacity
Feature Increase endurance and recovery

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