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SSN Whey Protein is the most effective result oriented powerful whey protein brought to you by Vitaminberry SSN? 100% Whey Protein is the ultimate low carb, low fat, pure protein supplement for athletes, bodybuilders and other physically active health conscious individuals. The low temperature ultra-filtration process used to produce SSN? 100% Whey Protein delivers the highest quality, highest biological value form of whey protein available. Low temperature ultra-filtration removes fat and carbohydrates and isolates and concentrates important bioactive whey fractions, including the immune enhancing glycomacropeptides, which are not found in whey proteins produced via other methods such as Ion Exchange. SSN? 100% Whey Protein is fully instantised, which allows for easy mixing. Each serving of our 100% Whey Protein supplies one of the highest biological value and most researched proteins known to nutritional science with numerous nutritional benefits. Of particular benefit to the physique and performance conscious athlete is the fact that whey protein supplies a high level of naturally occurring glutamine and branched chain amino acids (BCAA?). Glutamine serves as fuel for the immune system, provides anti-catabolic support and is important in maximising protein synthesis which is the key to recovery and lean muscle growth. BCAA? are essential amino acids that are abundant in muscle tissue and provide anti-catabolic support, by reducing the amount of protein breakdown during exercise, as well as assisting with post exercise recovery. High-intensity exercise depletes muscle glutamine and BCCA stores. Daily supplementation with whey protein is therefore an effective nutritional strategy, which preserves muscle tissue as well as supports enhanced post training recovery. SSN 100% whey Protein (hard core) Supplement Facts Serving size 1 scoop (30g) servings per container 30.7 Amount per serving Energy 109.0cal Protein 22.50g carbohydrates 2.50g Fat 1.0g Amino Acid complex (Essential and non essential ) 7000mg Vitaminberry persue world class products to cater your requirements on your fingertips.

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