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Tribulus Terrestris products have been available for years (Zubaz?, bandana? and Trib was the stack back in the day) and we?e all enthusiastically exchanged our hard earned cash for a chance to give this staple man herb a shot. Years of use, tons of not-so-exciting products and varying degrees of success have led to the popularity of this still yet to be thoroughly pinpointed plant falling by the wayside. But, once again, team USPlab?stayed the course and continued to pour countless hours of research into what they knew could yield groundbreaking results. You?e been taking the wrong compound! Protodioscin ?this is not the compound you?e looking for! But, it is the compound that has been the focus of the vast majority of Tribulus Terrestris products for over a decade! We strongly believe, due to the overwhelming feedback on our Super Extract, that the misplaced emphasis on Protodioscin has been the cause of all the inconsistent feedback on Tribulus Terrestris in general.

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