Vitaminberry Fat burner Xtreme 90 Capsules

Type : Advanced Weight Loss Formula & Energy Booster. Size : 1 Lbs View all item details

Feature : 100% vegetarian, Powerful antioxidant activity.

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Product Description

Vitaminberry Fat Burner Xtreme 90 Capsules, With Green Tea & Garcinia Cambogia Extract - Advanced Weight Loss Formula & Energy Booster

Vitaminberry Fat burner Xtreme 90 Capsules 


  • Advanced Weight Loss Formula & Energy Booster
  • Powerful antioxidant activity
  • Adipose tissue (Fat) reduction
  • Boosts metabolic rate
  • Calorie burner
  • Appetite suppressant
  • 100% vegetarian

 Vitaminberry Fat burner Xtreme 90 Capsules is a natural fat loss supplement. It helps you to shred extra body fat thermogenically and gives you a perfect body shape combined with regular exercise. The unique combination of natural ingredients gives you excellent weight loss results.


Who should consume Vitaminberry Fat burner Xtreme 90 Capsules?

Vitaminberry Fat burner Xtreme 90 Capsules Fat Burner is a completely safe and natural way for those who want to get lean and in shape. Apart from cutting down your extra kgs this thermogenic stimulant blend also increases energy, improves mood, and even allows you to spend more time in gym. It’s an effective and extremely balanced way for men & women both, athletes aiming at burning their fat.

How Vitaminberry Fat burner Xtreme 90 Capsules works? 

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT:  It contains an active ingredient hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA inhibits the actions of citrate cleavage enzyme, suppresses de novo fatty acid synthesis, increases rates of hepatic glycogen synthesis, and decreases body weight gain. In a study that included 135 participants (19 men and 116 women) with an average BMI of 32 kg/m2 were randomized to receive 3000 mg of Garcinia cambogia (1500 mg of HCA) per day or placebo along with a high fiber, low-calorie diet for 12 weeks. The placebo group lost 4.1 kg, and the HCA group lost 3.2 kg.

CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS : Caffeine is a well known metabolism booster and is often added to commercial weight loss supplements. Short-term studies have shown that caffeine can boost metabolism by 3-11%, and increase fat burning by up to 29%.

GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT: It works to boost antioxidant activity in your body. They contain two substances caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine increases fat burning, and chlorogenic acid helps to slow the breakdown of carbohydrates in the gut.

GRAPE FRUIT EXTRACT: This ingredient is mostly included in weight reduction diets owing to its lipolytic effect that it shows on human adipose tissue. It prevents obesity by decreasing BMI.

GUARANA SEED EXTRACT: It effectively promotes short-term weight and fat loss. In a study conducted on humans it showed great reductions in hip circumference and serum triglyceride levels. 

COLEUS FORSKOHLII: It acts directly on adenylate cyclase (cAMP) that promotes the breakdown of stored fats in human fat cells. It regulates the body's thermogenic response to food, increases the body's basal metabolic rate, and increases utilization of body fat.

YOHIMBINE- Studies have shown that it reduces fat through lipid mobilization strategy on human fat cell membranes.

CAPSICUM ANNUM: It works to boost up metabolic activity, which increases the amount of calories and fat your body burns. It also reduces hunger and food intake so that you consume fewer calories while burning more.

BROMELAIN: It is used as an anti-obesity alternative medicine. It inhibits adipogenesis thus, fat reduction.

CHROMIUM PICOLINATE: It attenuates weight gain by food intake regulation.

How should you consume Vitaminberry Fat burner Xtreme 90 Capsules to get the best results?

Just popping a capsule won't necessarily make your fat go away, but incorporating these tips will optimize a good fat burner's effects!

  • To get the most from your fat burner supplement and really torch calories, it's critical that you first get on track with a well-designed fitness program.
  • You know that sticking to a clean, calorie-reduced diet is essential for fat loss, so take advantage of the appetite-suppressing properties of your fat burner by taking it 30 minutes prior to breakfast and lunch.
  • Since fat burners elevate your metabolism, also, stimulants like caffeine tend to have a diuretic effect so, you'll find that you sweat more and even find yourself visiting washroom more. So, drink at least 3-4 liters of cold water per day to keep you hydrated.


What are fat burners and why you need them?

Fat burners are nutritional supplements or blend of that essential certain herbs and chemicals that increase energy, stimulate metabolism, and/or suppress appetite. They facilitate weight loss by boosting metabolism, increasing energy & releasing stored fat.

There are number of individuals who are suffering from obesity and are turning to fat burner options as a solution to their problem.  Individuals who are gym-goers or goal at burning their excess fat need these fat burner supplements. They need some dietary restrictions along with regular physical exercise so products like these help to speed their results and make the whole process slightly easier.

What are the benefits of consuming Vitaminberry Fat burner Xtreme 90 Capsules

  • Suppress or control hunger cravings

Fat burners not just help your body to burn fat they also effectively mitigate weight gain through different mechanisms. First to be discussed is about their role as Thermogenics. Fat burners most commonly work to help speed the metabolism, hence, helping you directly burn off more fat. And since it regulates hunger it becomes quite easy to manage weight.

  •   Energy booster

Fat burners contain ingredients that work as excellent energy boosters. Each serving gives you a jolt of energy & caffeine & cocoa like elements present in it work as powerful stimulant. More energy & increased stamina means you can extend your time of workouts.

  • Improves alertness & keeps you focused

Another benefit of Vitaminberry Fat burner Xtreme 90 Capsules includes its ability to make people more focused and more alert. Due to their unique blend of ingredients, keep your concentration levels steadier & mind alert to complete your tasks.

  • Helps to get a good sleep

Sleep deprivation also slows down metabolism. It contains L-theanine which is believed to promote a sense of calm and fostering a relaxed state. Consuming this product may help to get good quality sleep and better mental clarity.

  • Improves overall health

It delivers an abundant dose of antioxidants for boosting overall health. Green coffee bean Extract contains high concentrations of chlorogenic acid which is known for stabilizing blood sugar levels. As chlorogenic acid aids in the metabolism of glucose and reducing the absorption of carbohydrates, it thus reduces sudden insulin spikes that can lead to diabetes. Studies also show that it prevents the storage of fat in the liver.

Supplement Facts 

Serving size: 1 Capsule


Per Cap

Garcinia Camogia Extract (Citrimax)     50 % HCA

125 mg

Caffeine Anhydrous

75 mg

Guarana Seed Extract                             10%

75 mg

Coleus Forskohlii                                   10%

50 mg

Bromelain (Food Grade)

50 mg

Green coffee extract                             10%

50 mg


50 mg

Cocoa seed extract                                10%

50 mg

Grape fruit extract                               90%

20 mg

Yohimbine                                            10%

20 mg

Capsicum Annum                                7%

5 mg

Chromium Picolinate

30 mg


Energy value

0.08 kcal


0.02 g


0 g


0 g

Other ingredients: Talcum & Approved Class II preservatives

 Directions for Use: Take 1 capsule immediately upon waking on an empty stomach and 1 additional capsule 5-6 hours later in the afternoon to ignite your metabolism and to keep your body in a thermogenic, fat burning state all day. If well tolerated, an additional capsule may be added to the morning serving for a total of 3 capsules per day. THIS PRODUCTS IS INTENDED FOR USE BY MALE AND FEMALE STRENGTH TRAINING ATHLETES 18 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER

Suggested use: Intended for use by male & female strength training athletes 18 years of age & older.

Contraindication: Do not exceed 3 capsules in a day. It should not be consumed by pregnant/Lactating women.

Storage: Keep the container closed in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Note: It is a dietary supplement not for medicinal use.

Additional Information

Brands vitaminberry
Size 1 Lbs
Product Type Advanced Weight Loss Formula & Energy Booster.
Feature 100% vegetarian, Powerful antioxidant activity.

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